Accepting sponsorship applications for the 2022-2023 year.

Fostering strength and self-sufficiency

One of the most important measures of a healthy community is how well its residents treat the less fortunate among them. Our proud tradition of Sharing Success guides our support of those in need. Our sponsorship program provides $1.3 million annually to charitable and non-profit organizations based in Saskatchewan. Our focus is on supporting initiatives that benefit children and youth, Elders, people who require social, physical or economic help, and those with disabilities.


Our vision of Sharing Success grows out of the teachings of our Elders and their belief in sharing our land, one of our guiding principles Wîtaskêwin. Today, Wîtaskêwin refers to sharing our resources. Each year, we support hundreds of organizations and events that are making a difference in our communities.

To learn more about our partnership with the White Buffalo Youth Lodge, watch our video.

What we’re looking for

When choosing sponsorship recipients we look for opportunities that:

Improve the quality of life for the socially and economically disadvantaged, and people with disabilities
Demonstrate positive strategic relationships
Demonstrate good corporate citizenship in the communities where we operate

How to request sponsorship

Step 1: Review the eligibility criteria
Step 2: Review the exclusions of the program
Step 3: Submit your application

You must apply online. This will help ensure your application contains all relevant information necessary for a thorough review and prompt consideration of your request.

We review all sponsorship requests as early as possible to ensure each gets a fair and consistent assessment through our transparent review process. You must apply a minimum of 30 days prior to the event to be considered for a cash or merchandise sponsorship (a minimum of 120 days for requests of more than $10,000). We’ll notify you by email once we’ve made our decision. You must apply online for all requests for merchandise, in-kind, and funding.

If you’re a successful applicant, we may email you a questionnaire any time up to three months following your event. We ask that you please complete the questionnaire to ensure you remain eligible for future sponsorships.

Who's eligible?

You can apply for a SIGA sponsorship if your group or organization is:

An Aboriginal, non-profit or charitable organization based in Saskatchewan
Highly regarded in the community with a strong record of success in carrying out events or delivering programs
Able to demonstrate community support and involvement
Able to offer our employees a chance to participate or volunteer
Serving the needs of residents in eligible communities
An eligible team or individual that has earned the right to represent the province or country at national or international events

Eligible Sectors

Applicants must be from one of the following sectors to be eligible for sponsorship funding:

Arts and culture
Education and training
Business and tourism
Sports and recreation
Health and well-being

Eligible Groups

We’ll give preference for funding to the following groups:

Youth – especially First Nation and youth-at-risk
Socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and families
People with disabilities

Eligible Communities

Eligible organizations include those operating in Saskatchewan or within an 80-kilometre radius of our Gold Horse Casino in Lloydminster.


Trips and tours

Administrative or operational costs of an organization (including salaries)

Individuals or teams that did not earn the right to represent the province or country at a provincial, national or international event

Staff appreciation and retirement activities

Applications received after the event

Generic requests that may have been sent to various organizations, such as to-whom-it-may-concern letters

Research projects including community infrastructure, development and maintenance

Recreational facility operation and development – this applies to for-profit and businesses, and the exclusion also applies to salaries and administrative costs

Political parties and candidates

Requests to fund accumulated deficits of an organization or event

Organizations or local chapters already receiving support from us through provincial organizations

Any event that promotes gaming or gambling to people under 19

Individuals requesting funding or promotional items for personal use

Revenue and Expenditures

Please note: Applications that don’t include a budget will be considered incomplete. We reserve the right to reject incomplete, inaccurate or late applications.

Please click here for the revenue and expenditures document to guide you as you plan your budget.

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