Rider Nation Progressive Touchdown Jackpot

Rider Nation Progressive Touchdown Jackpot

One lucky winner hit the Rider Nation Progressive Touchdown Jackpot winning more than $98,000 over the weekend.

October 6, 2020 – Saskatoon, SK – The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is pleased to announce the Rider Nation Progressive Touchdown Jackpot was won at the Gold Horse Casino in Lloydminster this past Friday.

Rebecca Toullelan from Blackfoot, Alberta won the jackpot totaling $98,511 on Friday, October 2, 2020. She was presented her winnings in a cheque ceremony at the Gold Horse Casino this week.

“On behalf of employees and management at Gold Horse Casino and all of SIGA, I would like to formally congratulate Rebecca on her exciting win,” said Gold Horse Casino General Manager Roger Anderson.

SIGA’s exclusive Rider Nation Progressive consists of a total of 48 slot machines across all seven casinos with patrons spinning to win one of four jackpot tiers. Each time a patron plays a Rider Nation Progressive game, they could win up to $100,000.


For more information, please contact:
Alanna Adamko
Director of Communications & Media Relations
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

About SIGA
SIGA’s mission is to strengthen the lives of First Nation people through employment, economic growth, positive community relations and achieving financial self-reliance. A non-profit organization, all net profits from SIGA’s casino operations go to local First Nation communities, community development corporations and the province’s general revenue fund. Sharing Success with Saskatchewan communities. SIGA.ca

About Gold Horse Casino
Gold Horse Casino is a premier entertainment and tourist destination located in Lloydminster; incorporated in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. Opened in 2018, GHC is owned and operated by SIGA, which operates seven First Nation casinos in Saskatchewan. Gold Horse Casino is open from 12 pm daily. Learn more at GoldHorseCasino.ca.

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