Disentitlement of Winnings

Disentitlement of Winnings

Disentitlement of Winnings became active at SIGA Casinos on June 30, 2016.

Disentitlement of Winnings is the withholding of cash or prizes from individuals who are prohibited from gambling in casinos. Prohibited individuals are not eligible to receive any winnings, credits, cash or any other reward.


Prohibited individuals are:


All excluded (banned) persons, both involuntary exclusions and voluntary self-exclusions

Anyone under the age of 19 years

Those identified as employees of SIGA

Employees of regulatory bodies that are prohibited from gambling at SIGA casinos


The purpose of Disentitlement of Winnings is to discourage prohibited individuals from entering casinos and gambling while they are prohibited. The practice of disallowing winnings from prohibited individuals is intended to take away a prime reason many of these individuals return to casinos.


Funds withheld through Disentitlement of Winnings will be allocated to the SIGA Community Investment Program. The SIGA Community Investment Program is governed by the SIGA Community Relations Sponsorship Policy, which lays out the eligibility criteria for eligible sectors and target groups.

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