Voluntary Self-Exclusion

Voluntary Self-Exclusion

If casino gambling is becoming a concern for you, perhaps it is time to take a break. The SIGA Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program is a resource to assist patrons who believe it is in their best interest to take an extended break from gambling in the casino. Information on this program can be found in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion brochure.


To enroll in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program, a patron must make a specific request. The request can be made at any SIGA casino site. Once the request is made, the patron will meet with a SIGA staff member who has responsibility for self-exclusion enrollments (usually Senior Management or Security).


Please be advised: An individual cannot enroll someone else into the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program.

A patron can also enroll in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program at SIGA’s Central Office, located at 103 Aspen Place in Saskatoon. Note, these enrollments are by appointment only.


Enrollment procedures:

Identification is gathered and confirmed

A self-exclusion enrollment form is filled out

Patron chooses length of self-exclusion (6 months to 5 years)

Patron’s picture is taken

The forms are signed and dated by staff member and patron

Self-exclusion package of resources is provided to patron


Terms and Conditions:


Self-exclusion means a patron is banned from all casinos in Saskatchewan. This includes all seven SIGA casinos and both SaskGaming casinos (Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw)

Minimum length of self-exclusion is six months

Self-exclusion files are kept confidential. They are only shared with those responsible for the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

Patron’s Players Club card is cancelled and patron’s name is removed from mailing lists

Breaching a self-exclusion agreement by entering a SIGA or SaskGaming casino while on self-exclusion can result in charges and a fine

  Excluded persons are not eligible to receive any winnings, credits, cash or any other reward


Voluntary Self-Exclusion Renewal


Extending or renewing your voluntary self-exclusion is a simple straightforward process. Patrons can use one of the following options:

  Renew in person at any SIGA gaming facility, or

  Make an appointment to meet with the Manager of Community Investments & Responsible Gaming at 306-477-7545

Support is available