SIGA to temporarily suspend operations today

SIGA to temporarily suspend operations today

March 16, 2020 – Saskatoon, SK – Based on recommendations from government and public health officials on the COVID-19 pandemic, SIGA leadership has made the decision to temporarily suspend all SIGA operations for the next two weeks, at which time we will re-assess the situation.

These temporary closures are effective as of the end of the gaming day today, March 16, 2020 at all SIGA Casinos in Saskatchewan.

‘This decision is in the best interest of our employees, guests and community members’ health and safety, and the ongoing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19,’ says SIGA Board Chair, Chief Reginald Bellerose. He adds, ‘The health and safety of our employees, guests and community members is our top priority.’

SIGA’s temporary closures are in alignment with SaskGaming Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw, and other Canadian jurisdictions, along with the additional recommendations to limit gatherings to no more than people 50 in public places.

‘Our Board and senior leadership have been having ongoing discussions and adjusting our response plans accordingly since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic last week. We regret the impact this decision will have on our team members, guests and communities. SIGA is working to minimize any financial hardship created for our employees while operations are suspended, so they can focus on their health and well-being during this difficult time,’ says Zane Hansen, President and CEO.

We have activated our continuity plan and, as part of that, some team members will stay on in essential positions to manage and protect the corporation’s assets.

We want to assure the public that we are doing everything we can to effectively manage this situation as it evolves and protect our team members, guests and local communities. We ask for understanding from our guests and partners as we continue to deal with this unprecedented event. Thank you to our loyal guests for your continued patronage.

Please refer to this page for the most recent updates on these temporary closures: https://www.siga.ca/coronavirus-covid-19-preparedness/.




For more information, please contact:
Melody Lynch
Director of Communications, SIGA


About SIGA
SIGA’s mission is to strengthen the lives of First Nation people through employment, economic growth, positive community relations and achieving financial self-reliance. A non-profit organization, all net profits from SIGA’s casino operations go to local First Nation communities, community development corporations and the province’s general revenue fund. Sharing Success with Saskatchewan communities. SIGA.ca


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