SIGA’s eligible sectors for sponsorship

SIGA’s eligible sectors for sponsorship

Each year, our sponsorship program provides $1.3 million annually to charitable and non-profit organizations based in Saskatchewan.

When choosing sponsorship recipients, we look for opportunities in our five eligible sectors. Our eligible sectors were selected to improve the quality of life and have a positive impact in the communities where we operate. Our focus is on supporting initiatives that benefit children and youth, Elders, people who require social, physical or economic help, and those with disabilities.

Arts and culture

The first of our eligible sectors is arts and culture. Art and culture programs contribute to the well-being of communities and engage communities in conversation and change. These events and organizations empower culture and arts in individuals and in our communities, both First Nation and non First Nation.

Some past highlights in this sector include:

  • Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre
  • Okanese Elder Gathering
  • Cultural Connections and Longevity for Seniors
  • FSIN Pow Wow
  • Nutrien Cultural Gala


Education and training

SIGA’s second eligible sector for sponsorship is education and training. Education and training programs help improve the well-being of individuals and communities. This sector provides opportunities for learning, knowledge sharing, through education and training such as literacy programs, career training, and work placement programs.

Some past highlights in this sector include:

  • LIT UP!
  • Sharing Aboriginal Storytelling 2019
  • Saskatchewan First Nation Spelling Bee
  • Word on the Street
  • Life Skills Employment Preparation Program Lloydminster Friendship Centre


Business and tourism

Our third eligible sector is business and tourism. Business and tourism programs make a positive contribution to the economic and social well-being of local residents. Events that fall into this eligible sector build the business community, encourage networking and relationship building.

Some past highlights in this sector include:

  • Indigenous Achievement Gala
  • MLBEX Meadow Lake Business Excellence Awards
  • 28th Annual Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence
  • Lloydminster Region Health Foundation Gala 2018
  • Celebrate Success Business Awards


Sports and recreation

SIGA’s fourth eligible sector is sports and recreation. Sports and recreation programs improve the health and well-being of individuals, empower individuals, and promote community. It involves events or activities involving being physically active for competition or for fun and ensuring everyone has access to sports and physical activity.

Some past highlights in this sector include:

  • Tony Cote Winter/Summer Games
  • Battle of the Bands All Reserve Hockey Tournament 2019
  • Oskana Cup
  • “Hip Hop Hoop Dance” at the 2017 Children’s Festival
  • Churchbridge Annual Open Senior Curling Bonspiel


Health and well-being

Our final eligible sector is health and well-being. Health and well-being programs are essential for individuals and communities to flourish and fulfil their potential. Events that fall into this sector build capacity related to health and well-being, including programs in the following areas: hunger/nutritional, early childhood development, mental health, protection/safety, drug and alcohol prevention, illness prevention.

Some past highlights in this sector include:

  • Emergency Food Project Westside Community Centre
  • Towards Healthier Babies Prenatal Program Baby Shower and Women’s Day Event
  • EMPOWER Retreat for Women
  • Fill A Bowl The Prince Albert Food Bank
  • Aboriginal Youth Healthy Lifestyle Program Qu’Appelle Valley Friendship Centre Inc.


Are you looking for funding for an upcoming program or event and it fits into one of these sectors? Learn more and apply now.

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