SIGA among Canada’s best in retail and hospitality

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SIGA among Canada’s best in retail and hospitality

February 5, 2019 – Saskatoon, SK – SIGA is proud to be named to the 2019 list of Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality. SIGA received this honour after a thorough and independent analysis by Great Place to Work® Canada.

Zane Hansen, SIGA’s President and CEO, speaks to the organization’s commitment to nurture an engaged workplace culture.

We are extremely proud to receive this award. SIGA is committed to creating a great place to work by investing in the employee experience so our people have pride in their work, their team, and the overall organization. We inspire our people to do their best by providing meaningful employment, training, career development opportunities, and comprehensive benefits that are second to none.

The list of the Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®. Analysis of the data to compile this list focused on the following considerations:

  • For eligibility, companies must be Great Place to Work® certified in the past year, have a minimum of 25 employees, and have Retail or Hospitality as their primary industry.
  • Great Place to Work® determined the BEST based on the overall Trust Index score of eligible organizations. The Great Place to Work® Trust Index score is based on 58 core statements that assess the employee experience of the workplace, collected through an anonymous survey.

Learn more at greatplacetowork.ca.

SIGA is a First Nation-owned and -operated organization and an equal opportunity employer that takes pride in our workforce, which is comprised of 64 per cent First Nation people. SIGA employs 1,948 people in full-time, part-time and casual positions.

Download a pdf of the media release.

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