Samantha Waditaka

Headshot of scholarship recipient

Samantha Waditaka

102. That’s the number of students who applied for our new scholarship, SIGA’s Justice Paul Favel Indigenous Award for Outstanding Leadership in Community Involvement.

Samantha Waditaka was overwhelmed and thrilled to be the one selected to receive this honour and the award of $5,000.

‘I’m so thankful and I’m so happy because I feel like all my hardwork has paid off. Everything I do for my community I do with my heart.’ Samantha, who’s from Wahpeton Dakota Nation, says part of her award will go back to her community.

We wanted to create something new that would further support education and employment for our people – something that pays honour to our existing First Nation leaders while helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow. So that’s why we came up with SIGA’s Paul Favel award, which goes to a student leader who best exemplifies Justice Favel’s Indigenous activism and determination to represent the spirit of Indigenous people.’ – Patricia Cook, SIGA’s VP of Corporate Affairs

SIGA’s Justice Paul Favel scholarship will be an annual award, celebrating game changers in our communities.

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