Princess Alexandra Community School: A Sharing Success Story

Princess Alexandra Community School: A Sharing Success Story

Again this year, SIGA Santa and elves delivered Christmas cheer to the students at Princess Alexandra Community School. Here’s what some of the elves, AKA SIGA volunteers, had to say about their experience:

‘I have had the privilege of participating as an elf in the gift delivery to Princess Alexandra on multiple occasions. There is no other time during the holidays that pulls at my heartstrings then when I watch the students at the school receive and then open their gifts. They can hardly contain their excitement! It will be a memory I will embrace each holiday season. Volunteering in this way reminds me that I am part of something much bigger than myself. Thank you SIGA for this opportunity.’ – Sugar Plum Butterfig, SIGA elf

‘The part I found most moving was when children came up to me unsolicited. To the children, I wasn’t an adult, I was Santa. They knew they were safe and loved; a number [of them] came up to me and asked for hugs, at one point leading to an impromptu group hug. The fact that I could reach out and impact these young lives and bring some happiness to them warmed my heart, which is understandably cold being so far up north.’ – SIGA Santa

‘My favourite part of the day was watching the little ones open their gifts with amazed big eyes and the happiest [of] smiles.’ – Sugarmouse Truffle Berry, SIGA elf

Princess Alexandra Community School is SIGA Central Office’s community partner; each of SIGA’s casinos and central office have a community partner who we work with year round. We are proud to work with Princess Alex school to provide support for students and their families and to help enrich the school community and experience.

Over the past nine years, we’ve not only funded numerous programs but have also spent time making memories with students:

  • Annual Adopt-a-School Tree that sees staff from Central Office buy gifts for all of the children
  • Building a sensory path and sandbox for students as part of SIGA’s Day of Sharing
  • Annual Earth Day schoolyard clean up
  • Read on/Count on program to enhance literacy and math skills with the students
  • Community Dinner & Family Fun Night sponsorship to bring together caregivers, parents, families and kids in a fun, safe environment
  • Christmas Gala & Fashion Show sponsorship with proceeds going towards the school’s nutrition program
  • Donations of gently used warm clothing, office furniture and supplies
  • Cultural program sponsorship to engage families in their culture and offer tools for healing
  • Donations for nutrition program to ensure students are provided with healthy meals
  • Free passes for students to participate in SIGA’s Good Food Run
Without SIGA, we wouldn’t be where we are today
-Sandra Youngchief, Former Community School Coordinator, Princess Alexandra School

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