Genalyn Dioso

Award winning Prince Albert chef holding plate of food

Genalyn Dioso

Executive Chef Genalyn Dioso not only creates inspired, mouth-watering dishes for Northern Light Casino’s North Star Restaurant – she is also helping to improve the Red Seal certification program nationally, and advocating for the inclusion of local Indigenous meals in the process.

Genalyn was hand-picked to represent Saskatchewan in Ottawa to help update the Red Seal Occupational Standards Apprenticeship Program. Until Genalyn’s involvement, no one recognized there weren’t any First Nation regional meals included as part of certification, which Genalyn has successfully lobbied to change. Genalyn credits her game changing work experience at SIGA for this opportunity:

I feel so lucky and blessed that I became a part of this organization that opened so many doors for me. I now realize the inner purpose of why I chose to work here for SIGA and am proud to say that I stood up for something relevant to First Nation people. – Genalyn Dioso, Executive Chef, Northern Lights Casino

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