Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

On May 9, 2011, we made a generous $500,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. The donation is dedicated toward the needs of women in the antepartum unit of the new hospital. This unit will provide care to women who are having complications with their pregnancy and who need hospital care, with access to state-of-the-art equipment, family-centered care that will allow families to take part in patient care.

Zane Hansen, SIGA President and CEO says,

Our children deserve the best, and a children’s hospital will make a huge difference in the lives of our province’s children and their families. Through our sponsorship program, we put a special focus on improving the quality of life for children. The antepartum unit for the new children’s hospital will help Saskatchewan’s pregnant women and their supportive partners. By providing our support, SIGA is making a significant investment into our future, and I am very proud that we are a part of that.

We are very excited to see the opening of the Children’s Hospital later this fall!

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