Chief Marie Anne Daywalker-Pelletier

Chief Marie Anne Daywalker-Pelletier

She’s the longest-serving Chief in Canada – and now, she’s part of an elite group of game changers who have received our country’s highest honour, the Order of Canada. Just over 7,000 people out of more than 37 million across Canada have been awarded this honour.

Governor General Julie Payette invited Chief Marie Anne Daywalker-Pelletier into the Order during a ceremony on June 29, 2018 at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

Chief Daywalker-Pelletier is changing the game, and has been for close to four decades. She’s led the Okanese First Nation for 38 years, championing education for First Nation youth and advocating staunchly for social issues impacting First Nation women and children, both locally and nationally. She’s been critical to the launch of programs, commissions, and organizations throughout North America that work toward the advancement of women and children and related social issues. Her dedication to helping our First Nation people rebuild communities following the Residential School, Indian Act and Sixties Scoop eras is inspiring – and it’s game changing.

Desiderantes meliorem patriam, ‘They desire a better country,’ is not only the Order’s motto but one Marie Anne has exemplified throughout her life and career as she forges paths for other strong women leaders – the game changers of tomorrow.

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