$113K Poker Bad Beat Jackpot won at Northern Lights Casino

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$113K Poker Bad Beat Jackpot won at Northern Lights Casino

September 25, 2018 – Prince Albert, SK – A poker player’s dream hand happened at Northern Lights Casino on September 20, 2018, when a massive bad beat jackpot of $113,342 was won.

A “bad beat” is a poker term used when a normally strong poker hand loses to an even stronger poker hand. When the qualifying bad beat* hits, all of the active players in the dealt hand will be eligible to take home a share of the bad beat jackpot, with the “losing” bad beat hand taking home the majority share and a runner up share going to the winner of the hand.

Prince Albert resident Jerry Yooya, was dealt a full house of aces over kings and lost his hand to Kirk Clarke’s four of a kind fours. Typically, Jerry would have held a badly losing hand but he ended up winning $45,336.80 instead by hitting the bad beat jackpot. Kirk Clarke from Southend received $22,668.40 and all other poker players active in the hand each took home $6,476.69.

This is the first Poker Bad Beat ever won at Northern Lights Casino,” says Richard Ahenakew, General Manager of Northern Lights Casino. “Big congratulations to all the winners. We are excited for them and thrilled to be able to offer a new poker bad beat jackpot starting at $5,000.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority’s Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert offers a variety of slots and table games and is open every day from 9 a.m. Visit northernlightscasino.ca for more information.

*To qualify for the bad beat jackpot, a player must be using both hole cards with one being an Ace to make a full house of Aces over Jacks or better, that is then beat by another player at the same table and in the same hand holding a pocket pair resulting in a hand of four of a kind or better. There must be a minimum of four players at the table when this occurs.

Download a pdf of the media release.

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