SIGA Indigenous Scholarship Awards Program FAQs

Can I apply for more than one of the scholarships being offered?

Yes, you can apply for all scholarships you are eligible for. However, you will need to complete separate applications for each scholarship.

Will I need to completely redo all my information on each separate application?

No, there is an option to copy parts from previous applications onto new ones. There is a linked document on the first question that asks you, “Which scholarship are you applying for?” that shows you how to do this. Please note that your essay questions will be different for each scholarship.

Will I need a new reference for each scholarship I apply for?

We strongly recommend getting a different reference for each scholarship you apply for. However, if you need to use just one, we will still accept this.

Do I need to submit my official transcripts?

No, you do not. While we will accept an electronic copy of your official transcripts, we only require your unofficial transcripts for the application. However, if you are selected for one of our scholarships, you will need to send your official transcripts to our Central Office to receive your scholarship.

How do I get my unofficial transcripts?

Each institution is slightly different but if you log into your institutions account, you should be able to find a webpage of your unofficial transcript. From there, you can either download it as a PDF or screen capture the page and upload this. Refer to the instructional document above the transcript question on the application form.

Who should I ask to be my reference?

We recommend asking a reference from your place of employment, someone from your community, a representative from your post-secondary institution, or whomever you believe is the best person to attest to how you embody the values of the scholarship you are applying for.

When will we know if we are selected?

Dates are subject change based on the timelines of the Scholarship Advisory Committee. We are hoping to have decisions sent out by the first week of November.

Is the eligibility the same for all three awards?

No, eligibility is slightly different depending on the award. However, all awards are not open to employees of Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

  • SIGA Justice Paul Favel Indigenous Award for Outstanding Leadership in Community Involvement is for any Saskatchewan Indigenous student pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized institution in Saskatchewan.
  • Shauna Bear Memorial Scholarship for Aspiring Indigenous Human Resources Professionals is for any Saskatchewan Indigenous student pursuing post-secondary education in a Human Resources related program at a recognized institution in Saskatchewan.
  • SIGA Scholarships for Saskatchewan First Nations Post-Secondary Students are for any Saskatchewan First Nations student, status and non-status, pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized institution in Canada.
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