Saskatchewan First Nations Spelling Bee

Saskatchewan First Nations Spelling Bee

SIGA was once again a sponsor of the Saskatchewan’s First Nations Spelling Bee, helping give First Nation students from across the province opportunity to ‘bee’ part of a regional competition. This is the first event of its kind in Canada – an event created specifically for our First Nation youth, who are often under represented. Winners of the regional competition go on to compete on the national stage.

This year’s first place winners – Lilyanne Waskewitch from Makwa Sahgaiegcan (Primary, ages 6-8), William Kaysaywaysemat from Kahkewistahaw (Junior, ages 9-11), and Gabrielle Neapetung from Yellow Quill (Intermediate, ages 12-14) – advanced to compete at the national Spelling Bee of Canada event in Toronto!

SIGA has been a game changer for us… just supporting in so many ways, so that our kids could have this wonderful opportunity. – Brittany Olsen, mom of last year’s Primary winner and volunteer organizer

The bee helps students develop and strengthen their communication skills, critical thinking, grammar, problem solving, and improve their vocabulary, meanwhile being a major confidence builder. This event not only supports these critical skills and increased literacy but helps prepare our students for secondary and post-secondary education.

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