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Health and Safety Measures

What safety measures have you implemented at the casino?

  • In compliance with Saskatchewan public health orders, casinos are currently restricted with a limited occupancy of 150 guests.
  • All team members and guests must pass a pre-screening process prior to casino entry
  • In compliance with Saskatchewan public health orders, all team members and guests are required to wear a non-medical mask
  • All team members and guests must sanitize their hands prior to casino entry
  • Casino guests must register upon entry to assist with contact tracing and notification of possible exposure
  • Physical distancing is encouraged and enhanced with signage and Plexiglass dividers
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are readily available for all guests
  • High touch areas are cleaned frequently and deep cleans are performed once per day
  • Slot machines and table games are sanitized every four hours and deep cleaned once per 24 hours. Disinfecting wipes are available for guests to use
  • Where possible, close contact and required touchpoints have been eliminated
  • All team members are required to complete Worksafe COVID-19 Leader Designation Training

Are guests required to have the COVID-19 vaccination in order to visit the casino?

Though COVID-19 vaccination is supported and encouraged by SIGA, it is not a current requirement in order to visit our casinos.

Are SIGA Casino staff required to have a COVID-19 vaccination?

Though the large majority of SIGA employees have chosen to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, this decision cannot be mandated by an employer.  SIGA continues to support and encourage vaccination.

What are you doing to protect your staff?

All team members have been trained on new COVID19 health and safety protocols. They are required to pass a pre-screening process before each shift, wear a facemask, and sanitize their hands often, specifically before and after each interaction with guests, after breaks, and prior to entering or exiting the gaming floor. Workstations have been situated to allow for two meters of physical distancing.

Are you providing any personal protective equipment (PPE) for customers?

Yes, masks, wipes, and sanitizer will be provided as needed or requested. Guests are encouraged to provide their own mask

How often are you cleaning the slot machines and electronic table games?

These will be cleaned at a minimum every four hours. Guests will also have access to disinfecting wipes to use as often as they like.

How often are you cleaning the bathrooms?

These will be cleaned at a minimum every hour.

What cleaning products are you using?

We use proven effective disinfectants approved for use by the government of Saskatchewan, containing a minimum of 70% alcohol (EP50 – EP66), as well as Lysol wipes, aqueous Ozone, and soap/water.

Are out-of-province guests allowed into the casino?

Yes, out of province guests are welcome. The guest must still pass the pre-screening protocol.

Are out-of-country guests allowed into the casino?

We do not expect out-of-country guests to be visiting our casinos at this time but if there is they will also go through the pre-screening process before being permitted entry.

If a guest is showing signs of COVID19 will you ask them to leave?

Each person will be pre-screened before entering any SIGA casino and, if someone is exhibiting signs of COVID-19, they will be asked the pre-screening questions again, specifically if they have had any reason to come into contact with someone with COVID-19. If SIGA management determines there’s any additional risk we will ask the guest to leave and encourage them to call Healthline 811.

What will you do if people don’t physically distance themselves while gaming?

Families and friends within an extended household contact group can be closer than two meters if they are not high-risk according to the Government of Saskatchewan guidelines. If it is assumed that two people who are sitting together do not fit this description, we will ask them to keep two meters of physical distance and ensure they are wearing a mask.

Do you have any air quality precautions?

We have increased the fresh air intake in all our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

What will you do if one of your employees gets sick with COVID-19?

We have implemented contact tracing for guests, and have tracing measures in place through employee time clocks to support rapid identification of anyone they may have been in contact with. Our team members are trained on what to do should there be a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19, and we will work with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to respond quickly and appropriately.

Guest Experience

Promotions and Draws

At this time, we are able to offer our members free rewards and promotions that do no require large crowds, line-ups, close contact, or increased touchpoints. For more information, please click on the “Promotions’ tab of your favourite SIGA Casino’s website.

Member Rewards Including Free Play

In order to prevent line-ups and reduce touchpoints with SIGA team members, we are limited in the amount of offers we can send to members. As safety precautions are lifted, we will be able to increase the number of offers to members. If you wish to receive information and future rewards from SIGA Casinos, update your member account with a valid email address today.

Member Points Balance

During the time of our casino closure, your Club account points did not expire. To view your points balance and redeem them for cash, simply insert your Club card into any slot machine and follow the prompts. If you require assistance, please ask any SIGA team member.

Casino Registration upon Entry and Exit

All guests will be required to register at a kiosk upon entering the casino. The purpose is to assist with contact tracing in the event of potential exposure of COVID-19. Guests have four options:

  1. If you are an existing Players Club Member, simply swipe your Club card at the kiosk
  2. You can become a new member for free, plus receive $10 in free play. Show ID, then swipe your new Club card at the kiosk
  3. If you do not wish to become a member, you can opt for an AccessCard. Show ID and we will collect your first name, last name, and phone number. Then, swipe your new card at the kiosk. Your card will not work in slot machines and you will not receive points or Club benefits
  4. Show ID and we will record your first name, last name, phone number, and time of entry/exit

Rewards Centers

The Rewards Centre kiosks have been temporarily repurposed to assist us in registering guests as they enter and exit SIGA Casinos.

Promotions, Entertainment, and Events

Due to safety recommendations with touchpoints, close-contact, and large gatherings, casino promotions, entertainment, and events are temporarily postponed. We hope to provide safe alternatives for our members in the near future and we look forward to once-again providing our guests with exciting events once it is safe to do so.

Refund for Cancelled Show

If you have purchased tickets to a SIGA show that has been postponed, your tickets will be valid for the future rescheduled date. These dates will be rebooked once the Saskatchewan Government and Health Authority has deemed it safe to hold large indoor gatherings. If you would like a ticket refund, your options include:

  • If you purchased your tickets by credit card online or in-person, please call or visit the Box Office for a refund
  • If you purchased your tickets by debit card or cash, please visit the Box Office for a refund

Slot Machines

A reduced selection of slot machines are available for play. Physical layouts have been arranged to support two-meter physical distancing. Families and friends within an extended household contact group can be closer than two meters if they are not high-risk according to the Government of Saskatchewan guidelines. Guests not within this description are asked to maintain two meters of physical distance while playing.

Table Games

In compliance with Saskatchewan public health orders, live table games are currently not available. Electronic table games are available for you at The Circuit.

Food & Beverage

The casino restaurants, bars and deli’s are open with limited hours.


Smoking is permitted in the designated sections of our casinos.

Coat Check

Coat check service remains temporarily closed at this time.

Shuttle Services

Free shuttle service to and from our casinos remains temporarily closed at this time.


The Bear Claw Casino Hotel is open. To book your stay, please click here. Reservations will be taken after June 17th.
The new Dakota Dunes Resort is open, including 155 guest rooms, event bookings, and dining. To book your stay, please click here.

Campers and RVs

Campers and RVs are permitted to park at our casinos. Some restrictions may apply. For more information, please contact the casino directly.


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